Waste Gas Treatment Systems

Acid, Alkali, Solvent Vapor Treatment and Ventilation Systems

Surface Treatment Facilities, Waste Gas Treatment Systems They are systems that contain the most concentrated forms of many different chemical products with aggressive acids and aggressive basic characters, even chloro-fluorine hydrocarbon derivatives are used in some specific processes.

They are the kinds of systems in which highly risky chemical groups are used in complex terms of the environment and worker health. (Cataphoresis Plating Plants, Chemical Nickel Plating Plants, Hard Chrome Plating Plants, ABS Plating Plants on Plastic, Gold Plating Plants, Bronze Plating Plants, Zinc Plating Plants, Alloy Zinc Plating Plants, Dacromet Plating Plants, Dip Spin Plating Plants, Silver Plating Plants, Anodized Coating Facilities, etc.)

Acid / Alkali / Solvent Vapor Treatment and Ventilation Systems (Scrubber) These harmful vapors and gases formed in Surface Treatment Facilities pass through a specially designed tower system, (gas/steam/solvent) from the opposite direction of the outlet after being purified by the liquid sprayed with the assistance of specially selected and professional nozzles; It is a set of systems in which dangerous gases and vapors or invisible harmful particles are purified. Waste Gas Treatment Systems Scrubber equipment and a system is designed and produced by a qualified and experienced engineer; where it disposes the harmful gases and solvents with a rate over 99% and eliminates the seriously harmful effects of chemicals on nature and creatures.

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