Customized Production

Surface Treatment Technologies is a very large set of systems that includes an enormous industrial infrastructure and superstructure consisting of thousands of subcomponents.

Surface Treatment Applications consist of a chain of parameters and details that can be expressed in thousands.

EPLAS all kinds of fully automatic or manual Cataphoresis Plating Plants, Chemical Nickel Plating Plants, Hard Chrome Plating Plants, ABS Plating on Plastics, Gold Plating Plants, Bronze Plating Plants, Zinc In addition to the design, production and assembly of Coating Plants, Alloy Zinc Plating Plants, Dacromet Coating Plants, Dip Spin Coating Plants, Silver Plating Plants, Anodizing Coating Facilities; evaluates each process in itself and on a technological basis.

Chemical Plating lines, Cataphoresis type paint lines, or thousands of different systems, however, we determine all the stages together with the experts in order to obtain the most accurate expenses without sacrificing quality.

We know from our experiences that; The problems that were not estimated at the beginning, cannot be solved and may cause us to pay different and larger costs in the future.

EPLAS has proven its competence in all automation and manual plant production as well as special manufacturing and systems; It is the most successful company in the field of Surface Treatment Technologies in our country.

Apart from the plants we produce on a turnkey basis, it can also do a lot in terms of facility modernization or traceability, along with the capacity increase or quality increase you request laterriz. Özellikle günümüz dünyasının enerji fiyatları göz önüne alındığında; Enerji Optimizasyonları çok değerli ve üretim yatırımları içerisinde de çok önemli bir yer tutmaktadır.

We increase your production efficiency and product quality with new generation robotic solutions and systems compatible with Remote Monitoring-Control Technology.

Environmental and employee health is another investment area that businesses place more and more importance on in terms of efficiency,

EPLAS is the number one manufacturer of all kinds of ventilation and purification systems you need, especially SCRUBBER (Gas Washing Systems), which includes the most advanced technological innovations.

We manufacture all kinds of tanks, especially plastic and stainless steel, within our factory.

We produce cylindrical or prismatic process, stock tanks for every size and chemical usage.

Corrosion resistant transport, aspirator and waste gas aspiration systems

Transfer robots for Suspended or Drum Electroplating Plants

Centrifugal drying units

Anode-cathode carrier robot systems

Stainless steel inline drying oven (AISI-306)

Thermoplastic process tanks (PP-PVC-PVDF)

Plating drums and equipment

Construction systems

Reinforced Steel Carriers

Additional Loading / Discharge stations

Chemical dosing devices and dosing pumps

All the filter groups that you need

Control systems and cabinets

Transport Trailers

Heat transfer exchangers and systems

filtered air systems or mixing systems for in-tank chemical mixing

We produce special systems and machines designed especially for all kinds of client's needs.

Are your Surface Treatment Facilities old and you can't keep up with your orders anymore?..

Do you want to increase your production and capacity?..

Do you have a problem with your production domains, do you need to change your field?..

Do you have a facility that doesn't comply with the new legal requirements?..


We will support your company proactively and as fast as possible; you need a reliable, expert, and professional friend.

The production flow diagram is well thought out and automatic loading and unloading of any production system is one of our specialties, especially with regard to "Industry 4.0".

This field is becoming one of the most important competitive factors nowadays.

We can tailor the capacity, especially occupational safety and worker health, exactly according to your needs in order to increase productivity; smart automation systems create advantages that will not only allow you to get closer to your competitors but also to be one step ahead everyone else in your industry.

EPLAS is a reliable partner for all your projects that require renovation and relocation.

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