Our Code of Business and Professional Ethics

In all our official transactions and relations, including our finance and accounting department, we primarily focus on being honest, traceable, and openWe work fixable. Our records (information, documents) are completely open to control and audit in parallel with the current regulations.

We make clear that bribery and corruption are unacceptable in our company procedures and we do not finance any illegal work.

Our principle of 'anti-corruption and bribery', which our Board of Members pay high importance to; is valid in all countries where we operate economically and commercially.

The essential base of our business is satisfying our customers. We are committed to the products and services we offer. We keep our promises where there is no chance for us to compromise on accuracy.

Accordingly, we give every technical-commercial and extra effort we can, but first of all, we believe in 'openness, honesty, and reliability.

We identify the 'real' needs of our customers in terms of cost/quality and clearly explain the risks that may occur at the very beginning of the business.

We strive to avoid any possibility of customer complaints, we do our best to solve whatever happens against our honest will as soon as possible and we make sure they don't occur again.

We do not engage in 'private discussions of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, politics, age, etc.'.

One of the most important and valuable issues for us is public morality. In accordance with these values in all our work. We act honest and realistic

We stay away from expressions and implications that will disturb our colleagues, and care about their reputation and prestige.

We make sure that in legal information exchanges; common secrets are not violated; we exchange accurate, complete, and understandable information.

We do not find it 'correct and acceptable' to be competitive by using poor quality workmanship, products, and equipment, and we recommend the most accurate, qualified products and equipment to our customers.

“We don't create unfair competition and we don't find it right to recruit staff through feudal relations.”

On behalf of our employees or partners for herself or for the interests of her feudal relationships; We certainly don't allow any negative activation that may be perceived as beneficial for our customers or stakeholders who have a business relationship with our company, but indeed may harm them.

In this sense, we find it unacceptable that the ethical impartiality of our institution may cause misunderstandings or anything similar such as ' conflict of interest' in different application areas other than the subject mentioned above.

We consider it a serious responsibility of our company on behalf of our country and industry to take part in non-profit organizations as well as NGOs, academics, and Chambers of Commerce.

We upload in such organizations:

During our valuable duties such as chairmanship and management; We don't have any expectations or activities for our personal or commercial interests. We make sure that we never allow such De Facto or openly individual beneficial applications to be made by other institutions or individuals. We accept that ethical approval is required for donations from our customers or business partners, or individuals and institutions with whom we have business relations, on behalf of associations or various NGOs.

"Our personal donations are strictly for the who needs them, voluntary and confidential."

We do not accept any commodity other than symbolic gifts from customers, suppliers, and similar institutions in our joint business relationships (if it is likely to harm the common good or be perceived as such)

We are aware of our legal obligations in line with our ethical principles regarding money laundering, financing of terrorism and other similar international crimes.

As stated in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which consists of 30 articles signed on 10 December 1948;

And in summary; life, freedom, security, being free from torture and ill-treatment, equal and fair trial, privacy, settling and traveling, marrying, acquiring property, expressing thoughts and opinions, participating in public administration with universal and equal votes, organizing, public We sincerely support fundamental human rights such as equal use of services, fair and equal working, rest and paid leave, social security, fair and equal education, participation in and benefiting from scientific, artistic and cultural activities and the rights of religion and conscience.

"Our top priority is to respect human rights."

We don't allow mobbing anywhere!..
Faith, political opinion, age, disability, etc. We are against discrimination.
We do not allow gender-based harassment among our employees and stakeholders.
Employees who do not comply with their duties and responsibilities; we don't force them to do our private business.
We support career development, we behave fairly according to the performance.

We implement occupational safety and worker health policies with strict controls in order to ensure the safety of our employees.

Side by side with our employees we care about controllable and effective risk management, we analyze all possible processes analytically and take the necessary precautions.

We believe that one of our most valuable assets is our corporate brand, which we evaluate in accordance with our ethical rules.

Confidentiality of the information and documents; It is one of our basic principles that we apply seriously in all areas of our activities, we prevent access to technical and commercial information by indifferent persons outside the parties.

Without the approval of our customers, we do not disclose positive or negative information in organizations when participating in fairs, training, conferences, etc.,

In today's world where the speed of 'Communication and obtaining information' has increased tremendously, we are fully aware of all our responsibilities.

Due to our sectoral activities, we we do not misuse and prevent the use of our customer and stakeholder information..

We acknowledge that information about our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders is private and confidential.

We do not share such information with unauthorized persons and we take the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing this data.

While using tools such as social media and the internet, we respect our customer's privacy and we keep in mind that we represent them as well; We do not get involved in any negative ties and connections that humiliate individuals or institutions.

As with all other important rights, copyright is in accordance with our ethical rules on, we do not share written or visual content in violation of regulations and rules.

We pay attention to the efficient use of the natural resources of our planet, which we believe to be entrusted to future generations, with our environmentalist approaches, and that all wastes, especially heavy metals, should be at minimum levels; in accordance with the legislation on this subject:

We encourage and inform our customers with the necessary information and documents, including GHG emission, recycling, and recycling.

When choosing our suppliers; One of our important criteria such as business ethics, sustainability, and traceability is them being friendly with the environment.

The serious work we do; doesn't interfere with politics and we keep distant from all kinds of moral perceptions and arguments that can be seen as support for political parties.

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