Other Plating Facilities

Gold Plating Plants

Electrolytic Plated Gold; steel, resistant and bright yellow-looking acidic type electroplating that can be applied on aluminum and its alloys, zinc and its alloys, and nickel and its alloys.

Since gold is a prime element, so it shows superior conductivity along with its high corrosion and chemical resistance. Gold Plating Facilities in addition to the decorative appearance desired by the jewelry industry, gold plating; makes it indispensable in the electrical, electronics, defense, and aerospace industries.

Electrophoretic Lacquer Plating Plants

It is an economical, environmentalist, and innovative special plating technology that completes curing at low temperatures (120-140 °C).

The usage division is increasing day by day; It is applied to Zinc alloy materials, especially Brass, and it's used in many sectors for decorative purposes.

The operating expenses of the plating process, which is also defined as Cathodic electrophoretic lacquer is extremely easy to operate, environmentalist, and economical, are remarkably low.

With Cathodic electrophoretic lacquer systems adding multiple different color options, products that can be used for decoration, wear and corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appearances can be achieved with transparent metallic lacquer treatments.

Cataphoretic electrophoretic lacquer treatments can be used in jewelry and textile accessories, the furniture industry, as well as in many different areas from the construction industry to the lighting industry.

Bronze Plating Plants

Bronze plating is a type of plating that comes to the forefront with its decorative features, most preferred in the cladding of steel and metalware or lighting accessories. Bronze Plating Facilities

Silver Plating Plants

Silver is an element with high corrosion resistance and high conductivity; It is a unique shiny white metal. With these superior properties, it is used in places where conductivity is required such as electrical connectors in the industry, and it is one of the preferred platings in the jewelry sector, especially in decoration.

Black Oxidation Coating Plants

In simple words, we may describe it as the 'surface etching' treatment, which is also commonly referred to as 'Blackout' in the market.

Technically and simply, we may say; the parts that have been cleaned and rinsed with chemical surface treatments; In an aggressive chemical tank with a minimum part temperature of 140-150 °C and a formulated high basic character; Black Oxidation (blackening) is the process of forming a dark black-looking, amorphous film layer on the metal surface with a Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 plating thickness in the range of 2-5 µm by constraining it to a reaction for about 10 minutes by immersion method, and then lubricating the plated product with a protective oil to be selected according to the operating conditions.)

The main intended usage of the industry; is to prevent the adhesion of the system components and the iron oxide film layer formed by reducing the surface roughness.

Black Oxidation plating is preferred in complex areas where high heat can occur, especially in friction-intensive environments (defense industry parts, shock absorber, and pump shafts, textile machinery systems, and engine mechanical parts) and where cooling cannot be provided in any way (Aluminum/Plastic extrusion and injection molds).

Black oxidation (Blackening); hydrogen embrittlement does not occur due to its high basic character; and as long as the actual chemical reaction and process parameters are controlled (concentration, time, cleaning etc.)

Black oxidation doesn't only increase the wear resistance of the surface but also increases the adhesion of the metal with the Van der Waals force it creates, which provides better adhesion of adhesives, paints, and different treatments that can be applied later.

Salty fog resistance depending on the process tracking and application quality can reach up to 200 hours. Besides an aesthetic appearance, it can reach 40 HRC hardness, as the hardness increases, the surface brightness will also increase.

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