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A work made with passion is a masterpiece!..

EPLAS is ready for 4.0 Industry ...

And with our specialists and professional team in Bursa, our 20 years of Engineering and Chemical Process and gathered experience in the field of Surface Treatment Technologies, our versatile research for innovation, and our compatibility with new robotic technologies; We design functional Systems that meet the real needs of your business and increase your productivity...

Our completed products are prepared for shipment in our 2 thousand square meter warehouse and in our other 2 thousand square meters enclosed factory production where we as well operate in the same building with our administrative offices, project design departments, commercial-finance department, our stocks, shipping-assembly logistics teams.

We provide all the technical services you might need and all necessary project details on phone and address; along with planning, we undertake your coordination of technical knowledge, including your consumable suppliers, (chemical manufacturers).

We are exporting Surface Treatment technologies mostly to Europe, domestically, and globally.

Our system understanding is towards continuous and further development of the advanced technical solutions that we developed.

Thanks to its simplified software, we provide a user-friendly automation system that exceeds all advanced technology and quality requirements.

And we offer our most advanced technology at the most competitive price.

Our clients operating in different sectors; we design and manufacture cutting-edge technological-robotic systems suitable for each one's unique needs, we also provide the necessary training along with their assembly, as we commission the systems we produce and establish turnkey guaranteed facilities.

Our aim is to provide chemical process optimization on your behalf, analyze the data to be generated, increase the quality and efficiency of the system, to prevent errors by predicting them, to reduce your costs, and share our periodic maintenance forecast.

Providing the cause and solution of the maintenance and/or remote problem with the integration of remote control systems.

After the final approval and signing of the contract, EPLAS will always be by your side.

You may kindly ask our previous or current clients about our success in our comprehensive after-sales services!..

How Do We Work?


After receiving your request for the Surface Treatment Facility, We take notes of your expectations regarding the quality, capacity, the area where the facility will be established, treatment and environmental regulations, etc.

We arrange meetings with our production, engineering-project department regarding your requests, discuss the system with chemical companies if necessary, and present the project, layout, deadline, and financial calendar to you, then we prepare and share our proposals for your approval.

After your confirmation; We start the production of all your direct and indirect system components on our nearly 2000 m² assembly field in accordance with the planned schedule.

During the production process, we will keep in touch with you, keep updating you about the developments, and we will be more than glad to respond to your requests in regards to any changes on the project.

You are most welcomed to visit our factory any time during the production or even for the pre-acceptance, and we would be more than happy to have you in the factory.

We test all system components, including automation and purification, before assembly, in order to obtain a successful result during and after production and save time.

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Approve our system project, plans, and layout and we instantly start production!..

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Before delivering the entire system we have made to you, we perform quality checks, test it and check once again to make sure that it matches our agreed commitments.

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Our managerial staff, who is responsible for installation engineering, will be in continuous contact with you and carry out the professional and timely installation of all the system hardware we produce. We are tiring
Our Project Assembly Specialist is a highly experienced colleague who has been involved in all production processes of the system for multiple years.

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Our deployment team checks all mechanical, automation, and software after assembly processes and prepares the system for production.

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Our professional training team provides theoretical and practical training on all relevant subjects and delegates the working system to your personnel responsible production staff.

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After deployment, it delivers all necessary documents including CE certificate to your end…

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